Our lunches are cooked fresh daily on site by Taylor Shaw.
All lunches must be booked/chosen and paid for via by 8.30am as the numbers are then sent through to the kitchen to ensure low food wastage.  Lunches can be booked days/weeks/months in advance. The booking procedures for lunches also includes Rec/KS1 parents who are entitled to UIFSM or KS2 children entitled to FSM; you will not be charged.  
If you have not booked your child's lunch on Parentpay, you will be called by the school office and instructed to bring in a packed lunch to school.  
Please see below for the lunch menus, which run on a 3 week cycle.
We also have Specials Lunches which parents are notified about and these should be booked on Parentpay as usual.
If you think you may be entitled to Free  School Meals please see below.