Christmas Advent Stories 2023

We are back with our Millfield Christmas Reading Advent Calendar!
We hope you enjoy Mrs Ashley reading our first story of the month.
2nd December.
Enjoy Mrs Green's story! 
Happy 3rd December! 
Enjoy today's story. 
4th December.
Enjoy Mrs Boekee's story!
5th December.
Enjoy Miss Badcock's story!
6th December.
Enjoy Mrs Blyth's story!
7th December. 
Enjoy Mrs Sampson's story!
8th December
Enjoy Miss Jackson's story!
9th December.
Enjoy Ms Jessop's story!
10th December. 
Enjoy Mrs Cunnington's story! 
11th December.
Enjoy Mrs Cusick's story!
12th December.
Enjoy Mrs Riley's story!
13th December.
Enjoy Mrs Hopkins' story!
14th December.
Enjoy Mrs Tolland's story!
15th December. 
Enjoy Mrs Suter's story!
16th December.
Enjoy Miss Green's story!
17th December.
Enjoy Mrs Walther's story!
18th December.
Enjoy Miss Wright's story!
19th December.
Enjoy Miss Bashford's story!
20th December.
Enjoy Mrs Lee's story!
21st December. 
Enjoy Mr Wright's story!
22nd December. 
Enjoy Mrs Cotteral's story!
23rd December. 
Two days to go! 
24th December. 
Enjoy Mrs Fulford reading the last advent story!
Have a wonderful Christmas.