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Engage - Enquire - Excel 

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We believe our children learn best when they are as engaged as they can be in their learning and when they have the opportunity to enquire. With this in mind, we have adopted a Learning Challenge Curriculum; this is an enquiry based approach to learning and focuses on following children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. The design of the curriculum is based around a series of prime and subsidiary learning challenges – all expressed as questions, many of which are those that the children themselves wish to explore. The curriculum is knowledge rich and skills driven; it follows the National Curriculum and all subjects are taught to all children.


Below, you can find links to the following:

  • Our Curriculum Offer which includes 
    • how we organise our curriculum and why we do it this way (intent)
    • how it is taught (implementation) and 
    • how we know and show what the children have learnt (impact) 
  • Curriculum Organisation: how the curriculum is organised  across the school year for each teaching team 
  • Information about the Learning Challenge Curriculum


Subject Leaders are finalising Subject Specific Offers for each subject and these will soon be added: 

    • What ‘Engage-Enquire-Excel’ looks like for each subject

In the appropriate Year Group/Classes tab, parents can find the Curriculum Newsletters - these provide more detailed information as to what aspects of the curriculum will be covered in the current half term or term.