Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Early Years Team!

There are 2 registration groups for Reception.

The Reception teaching team comprises:

Mrs Hopkins       Class Teacher     Stars          EYFS Progress Leader for Reception and Nursery

Mrs Boekee        Class Teacher     Stars

Mrs Blythe          Class Teacher     Rockets

Mrs Pitt               Teaching Assistant   

Mrs Rayner          Teaching Assistant      

Mrs Weller         Teaching Assistant


 Other adults who may work with your child

Sometimes, children are supported by adults other than those who are based solely within their team. This might include Mrs Sampson (Family Support Adviser)

 The Curriculum in the Early Years

In Nursery and Reception, learning is based on the Early Years Framework and Development Matters. Towards the end of Reception children’s learning is assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. You will regularly receive a Newsletter that informs you of the learning that will be taking place, parent workshops, the Big Challenge, trips etc.

 What to do if you have any queries or concerns

In the first instance, please see your child’s class teacher-you can catch them at the end of each school day when they come onto the playground with their class; if this is not possible then pop into, or ring, the School Office and leave a message- the class teacher will contact you as soon as they are able.