Welcome to Millfield Nursery

Our nursery provides a caring and safe environment which supports your child to explore, discover and question the world around them, stimulating young imaginations and facilitating a smooth transition into primary school. The Nursery is part of our highly successful Foundation Stage Unit and we are very excited about having the opportunity to build upon our outstanding provision in Reception.   Your child can start at Millfield Nursery as soon as they turn 3.


Our Nursery is equipped for 24 children at any one time and is open from 8am-5:30pm. We take children from the day they turn 3 years of age and places can be funded, self-funded or a mixture.

The Nursery teaching team comprises:

Mrs Papworth    Lead Nursery Practitioner/Manager

Miss Bailey         Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Jeffrey         Nursery Practitioner
Miss Kennedy     Nursery TA

Mrs Nicoll          Nursery Practitioner

Mrs Read            Nursery Practitioner/Nursery Finance Assistant

Mrs Writer         Nursery Practitioner


In Nursery, as in Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which allows your child to experience, explore and develop a positive approach to learning through play.  We follow the children’s interests and use these as starting points to explore all areas of the curriculum. Outdoor learning will play an important role in your child’s experiences in Nursery and we will operate a free-flow indoor/outdoor policy throughout the year.

 Parents as partners

Our aim is to create effective partnerships with parents, which means providing an open and communicative environment where parents can get actively involved. We value parents as their child’s main educators.

 Flexible Sessions

The Nursery will be open during term time only.  We can offer flexible sessions between 8am and 5.30pm, including full-time.  The sessions are as follows:



11.30am-12.30pm (lunch)





Session fees will be charged at £5.50 per hour. Parents of children entitled to 15 hours Universal Early Years Funding or 30 Hours Free Childcare will be able to use this to fund any booked sessions. There is also the option of having a hot school meal costing £2.50 if your child stays for lunch, or you can bring in a packed lunch from home.


All children and families will receive a full induction when offered a place at Millfield Nursery. This will include a home visit, opportunities to visit the setting with your child and shorter sessions over the first two weeks if necessary.